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All our tests were carried out on healthy volunteers chosen as representative sample to testify the cosmetics safety. The tests take place in the University of Ferrara Cosmetology center, under the control of influential and experienced Italian cosmetologists and dermatologists.

Nice pomade uses only the safe preservatives and the glass containers that limit as much as possible the pollution.

Nice Pomade uses strictly no allergenic fragrances . An ethical choice which ensures the products sweetness and that is a security limiting the contact dermatitis forms.


Every single production of Nice Pomade is subjected to nickel tests to keep the maximum value below 0,09 mg/kg. Our aim is reducing nickel presences so our cosmetics are suitable to the most sensitive skin.
Nickel is a forbidden metal in cosmetics but some traces are technically unavoidable; the constant monitoring can reduce the nickel presence that is the probable the cause of many contact dermatitis forms.

Nice Pomade formulation contains no mineral oils, vaseline, paraffin, and petrochemical substances. It is inspired by a choice for a products’ composition as natural as possible that use some raw materials similar to the skin physiology.

Nice Pomade doesn’t use the EDTA, metal chelates that are usually used to empower the action of preservatives. In this way the bacterial growth is slow. This choice is different from some other cosmetic proposals. EDTA little biodegradable nature is in contrast with Nice Pomade core values.

In topical products the presence of gluten can cause some allergic skin reactions especially in the individuals who are hypersensitivity to gluten.
Several scientific studies shown the link between the appearance of a skin reaction and the presence of extracts containing gluten or similar protein derivatives.
So Nice Pomade is devoid of any wheat proteins derivatives.